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On Monday, several unsettling videos of far-right pro-Brexit protestors harassing politicians and journalists outside parliament were posted online.

Those who were harassed and verbally abused include Tory MP Anna Soubry, who was branded 'Nazi' on live TV, and journalist Owen Jones.

The group, who appear to be small in number but significant enough to intimidate others, are believed to be part of the so-called "yellow vest" demonstrators, with the activist and Tommy Robinson supported James Goddard reportedly being a key figure in the demonstrations.

The 'yellow vest' protests began in December 2018 with the group protesting outside of government buildings, Labour party HQ and LBC Radio. They have been protesting outside parliament on daily basis in an attempt to heckle pro-Remain protesters, journalists and MPs.

In a clip later shared by the pro-EU activist Femi Oluwole, Goddard and others can be seen harassing Soubry as she attempts to make her way to parliament.

During the clip, Goddard is seen addressing Oluwole but mistakes who he is and calls him "Lammy", a clear reference to the Labour MP David Lammy. Goddard shouts:

Move out the way Lammy. You're a traitor.

Oluwole then asks Goddard why he called him Lammy.

Lammy? Lammy?

Did you just call me Lammy.

Soubry then adds:

Are you Lammy?

Oluwole replies:


Soubry, noticeably confused by this case of mistaken identity, then repeats the question.

Did he think you were David Lammy?

The 28-year-old confirms this.

I think he just called me David Lammy.

Goddard, appearing rattled by Soubry and Oluwole finding some humour at this moment, then quips back, but only manages to make the situation more embarrassing for himself.

Ooh is that cultural appropriation... you mug.

Oluwole finds this comeback very amusing


Unfortunately, Mr Goddard, this isn't cultural appropriation, it's just a very blatant and lazy form of racism where you have confused two black men, who don't look anything alike, and are of considerably different age.

David Lammy shared the video on Twitter and asked why they couldn't tell the difference between them.

Others also picked up on how problematic it was to see scenes like this outside of parliament.

Fortunately, amidst all this, there were some jokes to be made.

Five supporters of the group have been arrested following incidents on Saturday and Monday. A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police said:

At approximately 1.40pm on Monday, 7 January, a suspect was arrested on Parliament Square in relation to the Brexit protest.

They were arrested for assault and have been taken to a central London police station.

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