With 2019 comes one certainty: Brexit is going to be occupying even more headlines than usual.

Disturbingly, as parliament reopens, the political climate is even more divisive and abusive than ever.

While being interviewed by the BBC, pro-Remain Conservative MP Anna Soubry – who supports a referendum on the final Brexit deal – was faced with loud screams and taunts throughout.

The shouting appeared to call her a “Nazi” repeatedly.

In disbelief, Soubry pointed in their direction and simply said:

I just think this is astonishing. This is what has happened to our country.

Another video, posted on Twitter, caught several people chanting the same chant, alleging they were associated with pro-Brexit group Leave Means Leave.

On Twitter, people were full of support for Soubry.

Soubry is not alone in being confronted aggressively by pro-Brexit hecklers. Guardian columnist Owen Jones was followed down the street on his way to be interviewed by the BBC.

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