Weddings are touchy subjects at the best of times, and one bride has taken to Reddit’s AITA thread years after her own to ask whether she was in the wrong in a situation.

The OP asked a friend to be her bridesmaid, and despite OP doing the same for her friend, the friend refused. She was pregnant at the time and felt uncomfortable being a bridesmaid while six months pregnant.

Still, considering all the times she’d gone “above and beyond” for her friend, she felt hurt. OP gradually let the friendship drift, firstly by not attending her child’s first birthday, and the friend just stopped contacting her.

People responding were, for the most part, pretty understanding. One said:

NTA. I get that she was pregnant, and probably knew she would be tired, but she could have gotten involved in a different way. Suggesting a few vendors isn’t really getting involved, unless she came with you to pick out a few things, helped plan your shower, etc. These are all things she wouldn’t have been 6 months pregnant for, and she was still your best friend at the time.

But another disagreed. One said: “YTA as a wedding is just one day, and a friendship should not be discarded because someone did not perform on one day."

One said that as she clearly felt undervalued in the friendship, she wasn’t in the wrong, and it was much more than just “one day” to her.

A mother did point out that being pregnant is tough both mentally and physically – while OP thought her friend might just be vain, there’s every chance she was worried about the toll on her body during the day.

H/T: Reddit

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