Would you fork out £2,500 for your friend’s wedding?

That’s what one UK bride expected from her friends.

Sandra Igwe spent a staggering £70,000 on 13 wedding dresses and five marriage ceremonies.

The self-professed ‘bridezilla’ appeared on This Morning and proudly told Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield that she was determined to have her perfect wedding – and nobody, not her friends and not her family, were going to stop her.

I wanted to have the perfect wedding. I thought actually, I want it here but I also want it there and I want it there, so I thought why can’t I have it all?

And so her first wedding took place in her father’s village in Nigeria. All her guests paid £2,500 to be there with her – one person took out a loan they are still paying off.

"I wanted my best friends there," Igwe said brightly.

I wanted my family there, I wanted everyone there to celebrate an amazing day of my life and I wanted them to come to the village.

I wanted them to be involved, and yes obviously money was a factor.

But... didn’t she feel guilty for asking them to spend all that money? Holly asked.

Nope. She said:

I would have done the same. I have done the same, so yeah I think it is completely fine.

That wasn’t the end of her demands: After all her friends and family flew out to Nigeria to be with her during this special time, she "kicked them out" of her hotel room.

I think when you are getting married you want your space sometimes.

When I was getting ready getting my hair and my make-up done I wanted the room to myself.

So obviously if I have guests in the room then I’m going to bring them out. I was pregnant at the time so hormones are flying all over the place and I wanted my space. That’s completely acceptable.

The cherry on top of the bridezilla cake came when Ms Igwe removed everyone on the dance floor – she didn’t want to share the spotlight.

I’m Nigerian, when you come out into the dance floor it’s all eyes on you. So yes, I needed the dance floor for myself and also for my husband to dance the night away.

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