The moments that made Brighton Pride 2018 amazing

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, you'll likely know that Britney Spears this weekend descended upon Brighton Pride to single-handedly end homophobia.

Not only did she play an extensive 90-minute set packed full of hits and some more obscure fan favourites (‘Freakshow’ and ‘Breathe On Me’ both had their moment to shine), Spears also released a brand-new fragrance 'for all'.

OK, that part's hardly progressive – but come on, it's Britney.

Unfortunately the night was bookended by chaos, as police closed off exits, leaving some 57,000 fans jostling amongst each other. To make matters worse, Brighton train station was then temporarily shut, leaving some Pride attendees with no choice but to sleep on the beach.

But despite the poor organisation and “potentially deadly” conditions, there were countless snapshots of pure euphoria and complete hilarity littered across social media.

First came the anticipatory posts, which spanned inevitable memes (Britney is, of course, the reaction GIF queen) and videos of her dancers preparing for their show by commanding the stage at a local gay bar.

But before Britney came the parade; as always, thousands of LGBT+ people and their allies came together to march against intolerance.

One social media user shared a story of walking in 1991 and being bombarded with missiles, whereas others were quick to remind people that Pride – despite the glitter, bright colours and jaw-dropping outfits – is still very much a protest.

Despite the very real progress which still needs to be made, the resounding mood of the day was celebratory.

Britney even had a wander around before her set, exploring the city with her kids by her side.

Then, it was time. Thousands upon thousands of revellers headed to the main stage to see the star in action, creating a crowd that Donald Trump could only dream of.

Naturally, the star's set spawned a few hilarious moments.

But basically people were living for Britney.

Oh, and don't forget...

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