Right-wingers ridiculed by new 'statue' which has been mysteriously put right next to Edward Colston's
Keir Gravil/Reuters

Bristol has a new “statue”!

It's been placed next to the empty plinth where a figure of slave trader Edward Colston once stood.

In a joking nod to the stereotype of the “all lives matter” demonstrators who gathered on Saturday in Bristol to “protect” the Cenotaph, the papier mache figure atop a bin is a large bald man sporting a string vest.

The grey figure that appeared Monday morning in one hand is holding a small globe, and in the other, a phone with a text that reads "England for the English."

The words "Spoiler alert: St George was Turkish" are stencilled on the wheelie bin.

The maker of the figure, which taunts anyone attached to England’s colonialist history, is still a mystery at the moment.

"It's clearly a response to the people who came out to guard the Cenotaph against nothing on the weekend, the artist doesn't seem to hold them in very high regard," an onlooker toldBristol Live.

"It's quite clever. They're obviously telling anyone with that kind of belief to get in the bin," she added.

Some were not pleased, however, with the representation of the protestors. One Twitter user said the statue "demonises and stereotypes the English working-classes."

On Saturday, hundreds of right-wing protestors gathered with signs saying "not far right" in front of the Cenotaph in Bristol city centre. "All lives matter" was also written on the banners.

A similar event took place in London, where far-right protestors clashed with police in order to "protect" a statue of Winston Churchill.

Two weeks ago, a statue of Edward Colston was toppled during a Black Lives Matter protest in the city. It was then rolled to the harbour before being thrown in the water.

Hopefully the "not far-right" people will be pleased the statue has been replaced.

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