Britain First is endorsing Ukip again

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Monday 23 March 2015 10:00

At last year's Rochester by-election, won by former Tory Mark Reckless after he defected to Ukip, the far-right group Britain First proclaimed in leaflets: "Ukip at the ballot box, Britain First on the streets – a winning combination."

In another embarrassing association for Nigel Farage's party, Britain First is now urging supporters to help deliver "major Ukip gains" at the general election.

New literature being distributed by Britain First, a group formed by former members of the British National Party, claims 2015 will be "the year of Britain First and Ukip", effectively endorsing the party.

The leaflets, obtained by The Independent, predict a "resurgence of right-wing patriotism in Britain", herald the group's activities "in the Muslim ghettoes" and warn supporters to expect Ukip to play the "political game" and distance itself from Britain First.

In response, Ukip said it was farcical, not embarrassing, that Britain First appeared to supporting the party.

"We're just not where they think we are," a spokesperson said.

"On the fringes of our politics are nutters and we don't want them anywhere near us."

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