British Airways just got rid of one of its most antiquated rules for cabin crew

British Airways has ruled that women and men in their cabin crew are now allowed to cover their legs - i.e. wear trousers - while at work.

The decision comes after a protracted legal battle with the cabin crew's union Unite, ending a dress code that forced some female employees to wear skirts - unless exempted on religious or medical grounds.

Staff who had been working for the airline for longer had the option of covering the legs if they wished, but new recruits in the "mixed fleet" had been subjected to different rules since 2010.

A British Airways spokesperson told the Guardian:

Our mixed fleet team wear the ‘ambassador’ British Airways uniform. While trousers are not a standard part of this uniform, colleagues wishing to wear them can request this through their manager.

Unite, meanwhile, heralded the decision and said BA was joining the 21st century.

It was ridiculous that 46 years after the ‘Made in Dagenham’ women won the right to equal pay that companies like British Airways were still employing old fashioned views and treating women differently.

British Airways’ stance was unbefitting of a modern airline in the modern age.

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