5 of the biggest differences between British and American politics

It really isn’t much a stretch to say that there is a stark difference between the United States of American and the United Kingdom

Despite sharing the same language and same colours on their flags there is little in similarity between the two nations in almost every aspect of society. 

Whether it’s food, television, sports or even Christmas, our American friends tend to do things bigger, louder and bolder than not just the little old UK but nearly every country in the world. 

Some would say that the two countries have similar politics. However, Wednesday’s inauguration of president Joe Biden we noticed that the pomp and ceremony of a United States political ceremony put the UK to shame, especially when you look at the state openings of parliament. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these examples.

Seeing old presidents and first ladies vs Black Rod

In the United States, they invite old favourites back such as Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton and you’ve gotta admit its great to see them.

In the UK, we get this completely bizarre tradition involving a character called ‘Black Rod’ who goes around banging on doors.

Star-Spangled Banner vs Standing around in silence

The United States national anthem isn’t for everybody but it is undeniable when belted from the lungs of Lady Gaga.

In the UK everybody just stands around in silence in the House of Lords after the Queen has finished speaking.

Pop stars vs The Queen

Speaking of The Queen, she is the most important person to turn up at ceremonies in the UK parliament. Over in the US they can get JLo and Katy Perry to perform. We’ll let you decide which is more invigorating.

A stirring speech at the Capitol Building vs a speech to cameras outside Downing Street

It is custom for a newly sworn-in president to deliver a moving speech at the Capitol Building, which when decked out looks like an epic amphitheatre.

In the UK, the new prime minister speaks to the press outside Downing Street, which might be the most uninspiring building ever.

Poets vs… trying to guess what MPs are saying to each other

This year's inauguration ceremony was arguably stolen by Amanda Gorman, the young poet who used her inspiring words to call for 'unity and togetherness' and thus became an over night star.

We can't really say the same about the UK, where the best we can do is trying to guess that the two leaders of the opposing parties are saying to each other.

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