C-SPAN hosts cooly cuts off racist caller for saying 'colored people'

Merrick Garland won't offer an opinion on how many police he believes ...

A caller on CSPAN was cut off after they said “colored people” while two minority guests were on air.

During Monday’s Washington Journal episode, American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent Ebony McMorris and Politico congressional reporter Nicholas Wu discussed what was in store for Washington in the upcoming week.

“I want to know if we can cut out some of these liberal things that are going on in America, just like on the TV now, we have two minorities. And I’m not against you minorities…” said the caller.

CSPAN host Pedro Echevarria interrupted and then said, “Caller, that shouldn’t be a factor. The guests we invite to our program we did invite, so what’s your question or comment for them please?”

The caller continued, “When I was a little boy, listen, I’m 83 years old, I was a little boy, the colored people…”

“Okay, we’re going to stop it there,” said Echevarria. He kept his cool though and recomposed himself quickly, simply adding an “Apologies for that!”

NBC News producer for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ben Pu posted the clip on Twitter.

"The restraint shown here is just 🤌" he wrote.

"You would be surprised (you shouldn't really) how many folks I've come across who THINKS and TALKS just like this..." read one reply.

Another said, "I’m tired of older people who lived through the civil rights and women movements who are still racist and misogynistic. Did they live under rocks for a few decades!? They don’t get a pass bc they are older. Quite the opposite."

"In case folks think this is exceptional…This is simply a more egregious example of what non-white folks in the US put up with all the time. Subtle racism is still racism. We hear this level of ignorance beneath the more genteel racist language more savvy Americans use," another person wrote.

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