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Caitlyn Jenner used her keynote speech to UK Parliament to hit back at critics who called her 'too privileged' to represent the transgender community.

Speaking at the third annual Channel 4 diversity lecture on 9 May to the House of Commons, Jenner said that when she first came out, everything was great, but then she became a "person of privilege".

Jenner, a 68-year-old former gold-medal winning Olympic decathlete, argued that she will never apologise for her privilege because she's worked for it:

I didn't start off being privileged. For years I was living on $10K a year, living in a $145 per month apartment, driving a $150 1963 VW Bug, training my butt off, and training to make it in life.

She continued:

I will never apologise for everything that I've been able to do because I have worked very hard for everything. So I'm not going to apologise for working hard and being successful.

Jenner also used her keynote speech to criticise Donald Trump, despite being a member of the Republican party.

She said that Trump has taken the US 'back 20 years' in terms of transgender rights, and she urged the United Kingdom 'not to go down the same route.'

But, in the face of continued criticism, Jenner pledged to always use her voice and platform for good.

I always suggest to every trans person out there, everybody has a platform that they can utilise to make it just a little bit better for the next generation coming up.

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