People are shocked and horrified to find the California sky totally orange due to wildfires

Who knew that the end times would be so on the nose?

And that apocalyptic movies basically had it right?

Still, now it’s here, residents of California are rather alarmed at blood orange skies looming over them, thanks to wildfires ripping through the state.

The fires – one of which was reportedly started by a gender reveal party – are “unprecedented” and have caused tens of thousands to flee their homes.

They’ve also reached Oregon, where governor Kate Brown said the fires could be the worst in the state’s history.

"This could be the greatest loss of human life and property due to wildfire in our state's history," Brown told reporters.

And the skies seem to reflect the doom-laden prophecy.

Pictures flooding social media show a bright orange sky, apparently thanks to a “combination of smoke from various wildfires sitting above the marine fog layer,” tweeted photojournalist Jessica Christian.

People seemed struck by awe and fear in equal measure.

Some remembered other natural disasters that had sparked a similar sight.

Others used the occasion to remind people about the very real climate crisis threat.

It was extremely disconcerting.

Oh well, at least the end looks aesthetically pleasing.

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