The incredibly simple puzzle most students can't understand

The incredibly simple puzzle most students can't understand

Mind Your Decisions has produced a video which finally solves a mathematical riddle that stumped Australian students.

The video comes after sixth formers were given the multiple choice question in a further maths exam last September.

Featuring two 50 cents (neither the real Fiddy I'm afraid), the puzzle asks students to find the angle formed when these 12 sides objects are placed side by side.

The possible answers were:

a) 12 b) 30 c) 36 d) 60 e) 72

Any idea? Us neither. But we should be able to do it. According to one teacher at the school in Victoria the question is easy!

Gimme a break! My Year 5s could have worked it out.

Watch the video to see the possible solutions or,

Scoll down!

MindYourDecisions suggests using a "Ghost coin" to find angle. By imagining a third 50 cent piece you can turn the angle into a triangle.

The triangle created has 3 equal sides. As all sixth formers know, the angles of a triangles always have a total of 180 degrees - so the answer is 60 degrees!

What seems to have confused the students was basically overthinking it.

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