Can you spot all eleven things wrong with this Leave EU poster?

Where to begin? This new Leave EU poster was tweeted by the campaign's account earlier on Tuesday, and we have so. Many. Questions.

2. Why are the politicians on the 'remain' side better at winning elections than those on the 'leave' side?

4. Why is Boris holding a brick?

5. Why has everyone been photoshopped to be different sizes?

6. Why are Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams on there? Sure, they have Brexit opinions, but do they even have British passports?

8. Why is it called a 'grassroots' campaign when BoJo and Farage are unapologetically posh?

9. Why are the flags photoshopped onto what looks like broken concrete?

10. Why does it only feature middle-aged white men?

11. Once more, with feeling: why is Boris holding a brick?

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