Most people can find this Robin in under 3 minutes, can you beat that time?

Bloom and Wild

It's now December, so you know what that means?

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In addition to the presents, food, drink and movies one of the best things about Christmas is keeping entertained with board games, brainteasers and puzzles.

The bog-standard crossword or sudoku just won't suffice at this time of year, so you need something else to get your teeth into.

Maybe the most festive puzzle we've come across this year is this one from Bloom & Wild.

All you have to do is find the robin among the Christmas trees, which is easier said than done.

Can't see the picture? Click here.

Picture: Bloom & Wild

Any joy? We told you it was difficult.

In fact, it is reportedly taking people on average 2 minutes 26 seconds to find the red-breasted bird.

Jim Warren of Bloom & Wild is quoted by as saying:

Our aim was to contribute a sense of fun that represented the much loved festive traditions of the season.

The depiction of the Christmas robin is synonymous with the spirit of giving that is so prevalent during this period - we only hope we haven’t made it too difficult to find!

Still not found it?

Ready to give up?

OK then, here is the solution, but make sure you don't tell anyone else.

Can't see the image? Click here.

Picture: Bloom & Wild

How quickly did you find the robin? Let us know in the comments below.


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