Following the news that Donald Trump would be the the 45th President of the United States, Canada's immigration website was so flooded with requests from US citizens that it actually crashed.

Fortunately it seems that some US citizens may not have to travel very far at all to achieve Canadian citizenship - at least if a proposal for it to accept four US states works out.

Watching the coverage on election night was British Columbia reporter Chad Harris who tweeted:

People seemed to be on board:

It seems like #Calexit became an actual movement - and Canadians are on board.

There's no specific ban on state secession in the US constitution as the subject isn't mentioned, but provided other states consent it could be possible.

It sounds like a plan, if we're honest - although I'm sure Democrats around the country would rather they stayed and fought the red tide of Trumpism.

Picture:Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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