Canada legalised marijuana. The Simpsons predicted it 13 years ago

Canada legalised marijuana. The Simpsons predicted it 13 years ago

Guys, The Simpsons are at it again with the back to the future-style predictions.

Some 13 years ago - in the year 2005 - creators released an episode called Midnight RX which had the Simpson family travel over the border from Springfield to Canada following an increase in the price of prescription drugs that made them a touch too expensive in the US.

Manitoba, Ontario was their location of choice, where they found the cheap pills.

Okay, so here's the most important scene in the episode: Homer, along with Grandpa Simpson, Apu and Ned Flanders are loading up their car when 'Canadian Ned' turns up and starts talking to original Ned.

At the end of their meta - chat, Canadian Ned offers American ned a doobie. A spliff. A hit of marijuana.

You see, he says:

It's legal here.


Canada legalised marijuana on Wednesday, though there are heavy provisions, including not smoking while driving.

This isn't the first time The Simpsons were diviners of the future. In an episode 18 years ago, the show predicted Donald Trump would become president.

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