Elephants prove extra lucky as cancer patient wins £100,000 on scratchcard

<p>Louise Tate and her husband Stuart</p>

Louise Tate and her husband Stuart

A cancer patient who developed a love of “lucky” elephants while she went through treatment has scooped £100,000 on a scratchcard which featured three of them.

Just days after receiving the all-clear from melanoma, Louise Tate 42, from Sunderland won the top prize on a National Lottery Lions Share Doubler scratchcard.

The cancer had developed behind her eye during lockdown and she had to have it removed and a false one fitted.

Winning scratchcard

During her treatment – which proved successful – the mother-of-two developed a love of elephants after she was told they bring good luck.

Mrs Tate, a pharmacy assistant, said: “The last six months have been incredibly difficult at times and my family and friends have been hugely supportive and rallied round.

“At one point some friends suggested that elephants bring you luck.

“I felt I needed enormous amounts of luck so I started to collect them – every time I went out I would try to buy an elephant, and friends would arrive at the house with elephant ornaments for me too.

“I now have almost 30 throughout my home.

Louise Tate with husband Stuart

“I just couldn’t quite believe it when I bought the scratchcard and I scratched three ‘very lucky’ elephants, scooping me the top prize of £100,000.”

Mrs Tate plans to buy a gold elephant pendant and also adopt an elephant with her winnings.

She and her husband Stuart will also pay off their mortgage and take their children, aged 10 and six, to Florida for a holiday.

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