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A conservative commentator has accidentally made the case for universal healthcare and people are loving it.

Candace Owens, the American pundit who supported Donald Trump and is well known for her lukewarm takes, attempted to undermine the coronavirus vaccine by suggesting the government may have ulterior motives for making it free, because if they wanted to really save lives they would make other medical treatments free too...

She said:

While she was trying to be conspiratorial about the government, people were quick to note that it sounded like she was making the case for all other medical treatments to be free. So the reactions rolled in as people welcomed Candace to the left-wing cause.

It is not the first time Owens has accidentally moved to the left while expressing anti-vaxxer views.

Earlier this month, she inadvertently made the case for being pro-choice by saying that “medical freedom is an individual right” as a reason why she and her family would not get the vaccine.

At the time, people roasted her for this as she has previously been very outspoken against abortion. She then clarified she was still against abortion, in case people had any doubts.

But the incident clearly didn’t make her think about proofreading her utterings before posting them as she is now back at it again.

Perhaps next week we will see her take to the streets to campaign for stronger gun control.

It’s only a matter of time.

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