Cardi B brilliantly shuts down Trump supporter claiming her new video doesn't 'empower women' in #MeToo era

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Cardi B is fast becoming our number one queen of the clap back. Now, she's done it again to a conservative who's got an issue with her latest music video.

The video for the new single 'Twerk' is a collaboration with City Girls, and has a too-hot-to-handle video featuring a whole lot of women loving life, twerking, and generally having a blast.

When the conservative video columnist Stephanie Hamill saw the video, needless to say, she was pretty non-plussed.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote:

In the Era of #MeToo, how exactly does this empower women? @iamcardib, feel free to chime in. THX...

Many people were equally non-plussed by her 'hot take'.

Many said she's totally misunderstood #MeToo, and that it's about sexual assault and harassment, not sexual expression.

And then, Cardi responded in the best possible way...

Taking to Twitter, she wrote:

It says to women that I can wear and not wear what ever I want. do w.e I want and that NO still means NO. So Stephanie chime in..If I twerk and be half naked does that mean I deserve to get raped and molested ? I want to know what a conservative woman like you thinks

Here here!

People loved Cardi's first class response.

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