Cardi B is the Queen of promoting her new song 'WAP' in the most unconventional ways possible. And now there's merch!

The rapper and Megan Thee Stallion stunned the world with their very explicit new song 'WAP' earlier this month and now Cardi is taking things a little further and asking fans to get their coins, bucket and mops ready for some water-themed merchandise, including umbrellas and raincoats and spandex bras.

In case you missed it, the Cardi song, featuring Megan, is all about the female genitalia and how it reacts when sexually aroused. In the explicit version, they rap: "Give me everything you got for this wet-a** p***y?"

After becoming a huge hit it makes sense that Cardi wants to help her fans with some products to deal with all that is "wet".

Via her website WapStore, the rapper is selling a mid-length transparent raincoat that says 'WAP' across the front with an XXX and 18+ warning on either arm, and comes in black, purple or white for $125 (£95): the umbrella costs $25 (£19) and is available in black or purple.

There are some clothes to buy as well. Cardi is selling a sports bra and biker shorts set with airbrush-style writing, a sweater, cropped t-shirts and more.

The song caused backlash among conservative commentators, like DeAnna Lorraine, who called it “vile” and it’s “completely wrong” to say that it empowers women.

Russell brand even chimed in and used a 17 minute long YouTube video to explain why he felt the song and video wasn’t feminist. (Always great to hear from a man who wants to explain to women how to be feminists!

Hopefully, Cardi and Megan don’t mind as the track has been wildly successful, quickly becoming the most-streamed song in its first week of release ever with more than 93 million streams, according to Billboard.

You can decide for yourself. Watch the full music video here:

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