The new 'Cats' trailer has broken the internet and people have so many jokes

The new 'Cats' trailer has broken the internet and people have so many jokes

Where were you when you first saw the trailer for Cats?

That’s the question our children will ask us. Since the trailer for Cats – the new film of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s stage musical – dropped online, we’ve barely been able to think of anything else.

There’s Jason Derulo as a cat. Judy Dench as a cat. Sir Ian McKellen as a cat. Rebel Wilson as a cat. TAYLOR SWIFT as, you’ve guessed it, a cat.


Or are they? Because one of the freakiest things about this completely bizarre trailer is the cats appear to be half human, half cat. It’s all very disturbing.

The trailer is two minutes and 22 seconds of sheer mayhem. As arguments over whether the new Lion King remake is any good rage on, Cats seems to have brought the internet together in a rare moment of unity.

On Twitter, people were astonished. There’s so many jokes to choose from, but people reacted to the trailer with resounding mockery and confusion.

People couldn't decide what was stranger, the cast or the appearance of the cats.

Though our personal favourite was this tweet, which compared Cats to Us, the Jordan Peele-directed horror film.

And this person, who showed the trailer to their actual, real-life cats.

After backlash to the new Sonic remake resulted in a character re-design, it remains to be seen whether the Cats team will be making any changes. But honestly? We kind of hope they don't. Think of the memes that are still to come.

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