A cautionary tale for people who don't read texts properly

The old adage "think before you speak," can easily be applied to the modern age: read before you press send.

(Warning, naughty words ahead)

Errant emails, screengrabs to the wrong person, writing on a profile instead of private messenger... We've all been there.

Hey, even President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence never proof before posting - often with unintended hilarious consequences.

But of all the dangers of skim reading and rapid-fire texting, this example should be the one to make you change your ways...


Ok so, automated texts can be incredibly aggravating.

And this "helpful reminder" certainly drove Mr John Behrle III to some harsh words.

Unfortunately, he really should've gone back over that text for another read before pressing send, because inevitably...



In his own words...

Read before you text guys. Read before you text.

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