The Independent Group for Change, formerly known as Change UK and The Independent Group, was born on 18 February 2019 and died on 19 December 2019.

The party was dissolved peacefully, surrounded by no one after failing to win a single seat at the general election. In a short but impactful existence, its achievements include accidentally splitting the vote and preventing the Liberal Democrats from winning a seat in the EU elections, and letting us all know about the existence of Mike Gapes.

The party will be remembered by its numerous name changes and unfortunate acronyms (CUK, anyone...?), plus their fraught relationship with graphic design and their decision to appear logo-less on the EU elections ballot paper. And who could forget about the introduction of the phrase “funny tinge” into the nightmare political lexicon? This was courtesy of Angela Smith (former) MP just hours after the party launched on an anti-racism platform.

Highlights of TIG’s short life include the infamous “Nandos selfie”, featuring a group of people who’ve all sadly lost their seats one way or another.

The party will be survived by its former MPs and candidates – who include Boris Johnson’s sister – and its supporters, who include 0 per cent of people (according to polling taken just before the election).

The Independent Group/Change UK/"the TIGGERS"/The Independent Group for Change – for lots and lots of change and independence, we hardly knew you. In the words of Joan Ryan, the future was "in your hands", but sadly no longer.

Order us some Piri Piri fries in heaven.

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