A Change UK MP gave an incredibly cringeworthy speech about Brexit and everyone is roasting her

A Change UK MP gave an incredibly cringeworthy speech about Brexit and everyone is roasting her

If you thought that politics couldn't get any worse think again, because it most definitely just did.

Speaking at a People's Vote rally in Bath, Change UK MP Joan Ryan had what can only be described as a David Brent moment, when she asked for some audience participation.

Ryan, the former Labour MP who defected to the fledgling outfit earlier in the year, said to the assembled crowd:

I want you to do something for me...

Look at your hands please.

Once they'd done so, she added:

That’s it, it’s there, that's the answer to this, it’s in your hands. So take your hands and get out there.

Ouch. Just ouch. In today's political climate, satire is quite literally dead. Move over The Thick of It!

As soon as the clip found its way onto Twitter, it goes without saying that Ryan's 'inspirational talk' got a thorough roasting.

Cringe UK, anyone?

People... clapped!?

Watch it - just watch it!

Please, make it stop.

Corbz, please.

You hear that? Yes, it's the nation, collectively crying out.

Is Joan going for Head Girl?

But, but, there's... nothing in her hands...?

David Brent, your spirit lives on.

Cry me a river. No seriously, just cry.

That sympathy clap.

Watch out, Malcolm is unimpressed.

Group therapy session?

One summed the whole thing up.

If the polls are anything to go by, Ryan's handy work isn't really paying off. At the latest polls, it is expected to get between 5 to 7 percent of the vote, reports the New Statesman. Considering it's supposed to be aiming at becoming the natural party of the 48 percent who voted Remain, it's seriously got its work cut out.


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