Channel 4 held a Tory leadership debate and these are the only responses you need

Channel 4 held a Tory leadership debate and these are the only responses you need

Tory leadership hopefuls appeared on Channel 4 in a live TV debate about, for the most part, Brexit.

Sajid Javid joined Tory peers, including Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, Dominic Raab, and Rory Stewart to talk about whether a new deal could be negotiated with the EU, as well as the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Host Krishnan Guru-Murthy and members of the studio audience asked questions on a whole host of topics in the 90-minute broadcast on Sunday evening.

Boris Johnson, the leadership forerunner, was notably missing from the debate - and viewers noticed.

During the debate, Hunt asked: “Where is Boris? If his team won’t allow him out with five fairly friendly colleagues, how is he going to deal with 27 European countries?”

In fact, viewers had a lot to say about it.

1. People at home found the debate entertaining.

2. Others noticed the diversity...

3. The politicians talked about the NHS.

4. And viewers wondered: Where was Boris Johnson?

5. And joked about Father's Day.

6. There was even an empty podium for good ol' Boris.

7. But it didn't stop people from criticising the forerunner.

8. Viewers ended up being commentators.

9. And utilised the best internet memes to make jokes.

10 . Gove was '"horribly forced."

11. Hunt looked "bewildered."

12. Rory Stewart was the "winner" by some standards.

13. Others were just not on it.

14. Viewers made suggestions about what Theresa May had been doing during the debate...

15. And even those who didn't watch the debate had an opinion about it.

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