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Any protective friend worth their salt has uttered the phrase at some point, "nce a cheater always a cheater" to someone experiencing relationship trouble.

But while this stereotype can ward us away from potential heartbreakers, it also casts an emotional shadow over anyone who has ever been unfaithful in a committed relationship.

But new research has proven that this perception may be well deserved, and that the adage may, actually, be true that a cheater will always cheat.

Researchers analysed the survey results of 484 young adults, who answered questions about their romantic relationships and fidelity over five years. They were all unmarried at the start of the study, which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Over the course of the study, 44 per cent said they had been unfaithful in their relationship at some point, and had "sexual relations" with someone else. They were also asked if they themselves had been cheated on - and 30 per cent said they knew at least one of their partners had cheated on them, with another 18 per cent suspecting so.

The researchers found that cheaters were more than three times as likely to cheat in their next relationship.

And those who reported that their first partner had cheated on them were twice as likely to report the same thing happening further down the line with a new partner. Meanwhile, those who suspected but didn't know were four times more likely to report suspecting a new partner later on.

They also found that those who suspected a partner was cheating were mor likely to suspect their partner in subsequent relationships.

So if you're partner has cheated in the past, it might be time to sit down and have a conversation about committment and trust in the near future.

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