This chef lost 100 lbs eating pizza every day for one year

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Pasquale Cozzolino is the executive chef at an Italian restaurant in New York – and his doctor told him to lose weight, because otherwise he’d have a heart attack.

So the 38-year-old, who weighed 370 pounds at the time, embarked on a diet with a difference.

Most days for lunch, Cozzolino dined on pizza – and lost 100 lbs in a year.

But Cozzolino’s pizza doughs don’t contain any butter or lard, and only have a thin layer of mozzarella.

He's said that each pizza contains around 470 to 540 calories.

He told the NY Post he used to eat 10 to 12 Oreos a day, so he also cut out sweet sand fizzy drinks and started kick boxing classes.

Cozzolino now has a book, titled "The Pizza Diet".

And here's his amazing transformation:

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