Satellite images show chilling extent of Chinese funeral homes catastrophe

Satellite images show chilling extent of Chinese funeral homes catastrophe
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Satellite images depict the harrowing reality of overcrowded crematoriums, hospitals and funeral homes in China as the country deals with a wave of Covid-19 infections.

According to a report from CNN, the photos were captured by Maxar in late December 2022 and the beginning of January.

It showed a funeral home that seemingly created a whole new parking lot for accommodation and long lines of cars waiting outside of the funeral homes in other cities like Kunming and Nanjing, to name a couple.

Other video footage obtained by CNN highlighted yellow body bags at an overcrowded hospital morgue in Beijing.

Last month, China eased away from its rigid zero-Covid approach to the virus.

It’s unclear as to what led to this decision, but it was proceeded by a massive display of public dissent against the ruling Communist Party in over 30 years.

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Citizens were fed up with constant testing, quarantines, travel restrictions, rolling lockdowns, and business closures.

Essentially, China’s rigid policy shielded the citizens from the mass deaths that were seen across Western nations.

The nation only reports the Covid patients who have died from respiratory failure as having died from Covid.

And as reports continue to come in as funeral homes and hospitals remain overwhelmed, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that is downplaying the true nature of its current outbreak.

“WHO is concerned about the risk to life in China and has reiterated the importance of vaccination, including booster doses, to protect against hospitalization, severe disease, and death,” said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a media conference in Geneva.

CNN further noted that the country’s recorded Covid-19 death toll since the relaxed restrictions is still low.

Just 37 deaths were documented since 7 December.

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