Doctors find chopsticks lodged in the brain of a man with persistent headaches

Doctors find chopsticks lodged in the brain of a man with persistent headaches
Man who suffered headaches for 5 months learns he had chopsticks stuck …
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A man who had been suffering debilitating headaches for five months got to the bottom of the cause of his problems – a pair of chopsticks logged in his brain.

Recently, the horrifying story of a woman who had live worms in her brain went viral in what is believed to be a world first.

The medical world may have thought it had seen everything involving foreign objects in the brain, but a Vietnamese man shocked doctors when a pair of chopsticks were found lodged in his brain, according to

The anonymous 35-year-old went to the Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi, Vietnam, on Saturday 24 November complaining of painful and intense headaches he had been experiencing for five months, as well as fluid loss and fluid discharge.

He underwent investigations to find out the cause after it was discovered he was suffering from tension pneumocephalus, which happens when there is an increase in intracranial pressure.

Upon further inspection, doctors found a pair of chopsticks had gone up the man’s nose and entered his brain leaving them completely stunned.

The anonymous man recalled he had been in a bar fight around five months prior, around the same time he began experiencing the symptoms.

While he couldn’t remember the details, the man remembered being stabbed in the face – unsurprisingly, the weapon in question was the chopsticks. They had gone up his nose and penetrated his brain and were not discovered by doctors at the time of the fight.

Endoscopic surgery was conducted and the chopsticks were successfully removed through his nose. The man is now stable following the surgery.

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