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Sometimes in life, you really couldn't make it up. The fact that Chris Grayling's birthday is on April Fool's Day is one of those things.

Yes, 'Failing Grayling', the transport secretary, was born on the one day of the year that's marked out by people performing pranks on one another.

Grayling has a long list of things that he's absolutely and completely messed up during his time in service.

Just to give you a taster, while transport secretary, he awarded a no-deal Brexit ferry contract to a company that doesn't own any ships and never ran any ferries, and in 2010, when he was shadow home secretary, saying B&B owners have the right to turn away gay couples from staying with them.

That's honestly just the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, the irony of 'Failing Grayling' being born on April Fool's Day has not been lost on Twitter users.

Perhaps the transport secretary is the biggest April Fool of them all...

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