Chrissy Teigen calls Fox News host 'white supremacist' amid extraordinary TV rant

Chrissy Teigen calls Fox News host 'white supremacist' amid extraordinary TV rant

Chrissy Teigen has taken to Twitter to call Laura Ingraham a 'white supremacist' after the Fox News host launched an extraordinary attack on the model and author.

During a segment on her Fox News show, Ingraham decided it was a good idea to try shaming Teigen due to her inclusion in Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2019 list.

In the segment, Ingraham said:

She was chosen according to the profile because, quote: '...all her life, Chrissy Teigen has liked to eat. She's not shy about that — or anything else really.'

Well that's nice and innovative I guess, eating. But did most Americans like her take on female empowerment during last week's Democrat retreat?

Then, she decided to 'go in' on the fact that Teigen dared to utter a swear word when asked about which word she thinks women should say more frequently, and she responded 'f*** you'.

Needless to say, the clip was soon picked up and posted on Twitter.

Well, if we know one thing about Teigen, it's that she wasn't going to just sit there and let Ingraham make fun of her without putting up a fight.

When she came across the clip on Twitter, she shared it, along with what can only be described as an epic burn.

In the tweet, she wrote:

Corny monster. There were 1 million other ways to try and take me down and this is what you choose? F*** you.

She didn't leave it there, however.

when time comes out with their 100 most influential white supremacists list, I promise I won’t question your worthiness, @IngrahamAngle

With the cherry on the top of the burn being a gif of Ingraham waving at a crowd, which has sparked a debate on whether she was giving a Nazi salute.

Other social media users were quick to show their appreciation to the Teig-meister.

Ingraham herself hasn't yet responded to the insults, however, we're wondering if, in the meantime, she needs some ice for that burn?

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