Chrissy Teigen’s epic Twitter feud with president Donald Trump rumbles on.

Earlier this week, Trump sent out a tirade of tweets at the model, calling her “filthy mouthed” and attacking her husband John Legend.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Teigen said:

[Trump] just goes on these rants … you just wait for him to say something but you don’t think it’s gonna be you.

We all wait for our day to come, and mine happened to be Sunday.

Trump’s tweets came after Teigan’s husband was interviewed for a story on MSNBC, where he spoke about criminal justice reform. Trump felt like he hadn’t been properly credited for his work in supporting similar reforms.

Teigen said:

I was not part of it at all.

Donald for some reason thought that John was taking all the credit for it — and me. I didn’t even know he was filming this thing, honestly, I didn’t know anything about it

The exchange comes two years after Teigen revealed Trump blocked her on Twitter – something after her “hating” the President for nine years.

Teigen fired back on Twitter, calling Trump #PresidentP***yA**B***h.

And now, in the standard cycle of the internet, the saying has become a musical remix. Because of course it has.

Teigen loved the remix.

And so did her followers…

But we're still waiting on Trump's remix response. Watch this space.


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