Trump tried to attack John Legend's 'foul mouthed wife' Chrissy Teigen and it backfired badly

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Donald Trump, the president of the United States has launched a bizarre attack on the celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend during a late-night Twitter rant about new criminal justice reforms.

The president, who doesn't really tweet in the mornings, started his rant just after 4AM GMT to boast about the reforms that his administration has introduced, including the 'First Step Act' which reduces mandatory sentences on a case-by-case basis.

That act was introduced in December 2018 and in July a reported 3,100 inmates were released from federal prisons due to good behaviour. This is all good news but Trump couldn't help but feel annoyed that no one was praising him for it.

Trump anger stems from the fact that Legend and Teigen (who he called a 'filthy-mouthed wife') didn't support the act when he was trying to make it law hence his rant.

Trump directing his anger at the couple possibly originated from an interview that Legend gave to MSNBC, which Trump may have seen, about the criminal justice system and his own organisation 'Let's Free America' which is aiming to reduce mass incarceration.

This completely uncalled for attack on the couple, who are essentially in support of the same policy that Trump is trying to promote, saw the pair offer a few choice words in response to the president, which is probably the last thing that they wanted to be doing a such an hour.

We'll start with Legend, who pleaded with Melania Trump, to please praise her husband as he is clearly in need of some attention, before retweeting that now-infamous image of the first lady and Justin Trudeau.

Teigen went one step further, calling out Trump for not tagging her in his tweet and then insulting him by calling him a 'p****y a** b***h.'

Things have since gotten a bit out of hand with this argument and 'p****y a** b***h hashtag has since begun to trend after the couple asked people 'please do not make this trend.'

Here are some of the best tweets to develop from this most unlikely of feuds and hashtags.

Once again, what a time to be alive.

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