Nuclear-powered super-yacht costs $3m a ticket but climate change students will ride for free
Photo courtesy of Earth300

Climate change students have the opportunity to do something really cool— ride aboard a nuclear-powered superyacht for free!

Most people will have to stump up a whopping $3m for a 10-day ride on the nuclear-powered, emission-free yacht - but if you’re a student or scientist selected to help study the effects of climate change on the planet you’ll be on board free of charge.

Earth300 has been described as ‘the Olympic Torch of global science”, is set to sail in 2025 with a crew of 160 scientists and 40 VIP guests, and 20 students.

“It is our youth who will have to lead us bravely into the future, so we have also made space for twenty students to be on board every voyage, selected democratically, irrespective of creed, colour, or income bracket, “ read the press release.

The yacht is still in the preliminary design stages,  but the creator's mission for this innovative creation is to expand knowledge above and below the ocean.

The 13-storey, 300-meter long vessel is also 100 per cent emission-free, powered by the Molten Salt Reactor, a new wave of atomic energy that will fuel a new generation.

“We have a choice of what kind of difference we want to make in the world. One of the choices we need to make is to become carbon-free. We’ve found a way to get there,” the website read.

The website also mentioned that the Molten Salt Reactor (m-MSR) is small, with few moving parts, and will provide “clean energy needed to move ocean transportation into the future.

“We are living at a pivotal moment in human history, facing the greatest challenge since the dawn of man - climate change so our goal is to ring the climate alarm on a global scale and inspire an era of ecological imagination, spawning a new brand of planetary vanguard, ethical leaders who will support a new economic and ecological vision for the world,” said Earth 300’s CEO Aaron Olivera in a press release.

Earth 300 nuclear- powered superyachtPhoto courtesy of Earth 300

Olivera also wants to further create a standard for science,” designed as a scientific sculpture on the seas, to capture peoples attention and inspire their imagination.”

The design of the yacht sure is imaginative!

Olivera told Money FM that he cultivated the idea of the voyage and yacht back in 2015 when scuba diving in the Maldives. He encountered dead coral that was killed by over-acidification in the ocean.

This inspired the idea of bringing the “brightest” scientists aboard a new age vessel to work together to rectify the harms of climate change.

He thought of the yacht and voyage in 2015 when he went scuba diving in the Maldives and saw coral that was killed by the over-acidification in the ocean.

All in all, those who are fortunate to be a part of this groundbreaking journey to lead the future, we commend you!

Read more about Earth 300 ‘s “state-of-the-art science” here.

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