The best signs from the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice protests

The best signs from the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice protests

Thousands of climate protestors around the world have taken to the streets today, as part of a Global Day of Action for Climate Justice during the Cop26 conference.

Demonstrators gathered in areas such as Glasgow – where the gathering of world leaders is taking place – London, Bristol and more on Friday, in mass mobilisations organised by the Cop26 Coalition.

On the organisation’s website, they say that the marches are about “bringing together movements to build power for system change – from indigenous struggles to trade unions, from racial justice groups to youth strikers”.

In Scotland, police arrested activists who blocked the St King George V Bridge in Glasgow for two hours, and later went on to “kettle” demonstrators – according to Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden.

While some have taken drastic action to draw attention to the pressing issue of climate change, others have shown off their creative sides by designing witty or thought-provoking placards and artwork – many of which have since been shared online.

Right here, we’ve rounded up nine of the best.

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1. “Even Prince Andrew is sweating”

The message references comments made by Prince Andrew in a BBC interview, in which the royal said “it was almost impossible for me to sweat” after suffering “an overdose of adrenaline” in the Falklands War.

Prince Andrew has faced allegations and public scrutiny as a result of his former friendship with the convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – allegations which the Duke of York denies.

2. Boris Johnson pushing the Earth into a burning fire

Does what it says on the tin, really.

Or rather, sign.

3. “The world is something we make, and could just as easily make differently”

The quote is from David Graeber, the late American anthropologist and author who died last year.

4. “The wrong Amazon is burning. Planet before profit.”

Jeff Bezos’ company revealed that it emitted 44.4 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents into the atmosphere in 2018, reports Wired, which is roughly equal to Norway’s annual emissions.

5. Handcuffed politicians

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison and former US president Donald Trump appear in a line of handcuffed and chained politicians – in footage captured by Vice’s Sophia Smith-Galer.

6. “Dinnae deep fry yer planet”

The Scots just have a brilliant way with words, don’t they?

7. “The laws of physics don’t change! So change yours”

You can’t really pick a fight with Mother Nature…

8. “In a disposable society, to repair is to rebel”

The placard was shared by the sustainable electronics organisation The Restart Project, but we feel the message goes beyond making our tech last longer.

9. “You know the [world] is messed up when grassroots activists with $0 funding are fixing problems created by a few big fish”

The fact that Greta Thunberg started a movement as a Swedish schoolgirl says it all.

Bonus round: A dog

Because no protest is complete without a good pooch.

With Cop26 set to enter its second week, it’s likely we’ll see more demonstrations in the coming days, and with that, more excellent placards and designs which put the issue of climate justice so succinctly.

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