A climate science professor had the best response to a man telling her she's wrong


Despite the severity of Australia's current wildfires, many people are still denying the existence of the climate crisis.

In an exchange on Twitter, female climate scientists and professors brilliantly shut down a man who attempted to educate them on climate change.

Professor Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist and the director of the Texas Tech University Climate Science Center, first tweeted her response to people claiming that the fires are caused by arson:

Marvel said: "The number of people yelling "it's arson!" at me like that somehow changes the molecular structure of carbon dioxide is truly wild".

After Gill responded agreeing with Marvel, a man who calls himself a "weather expert" stepped in to disagree.

"That is just nonsense. Theoretically, one might be able to blame lightning-related fire on global warming. Arson has nothing to do climate. We don't understand Australia's drought/heat anymore than we understand what caused America's Dust Bowl (in the pre-global warming era)." he said.

Gill was quick to shut him down, saying:

Just because you don’t understand doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t. I’ve already explained this; update your understanding, please.

After that, he rudely suggested she spend more time in the classroom – to which she brilliantly responded: "I do. As the instructor."

The argument continued on from there, but Twitter users are in agreement that Gill's response was spot on.

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