Clown who ‘terrifies residents of a Scottish town at night’ is daring to be caught

Clown who ‘terrifies residents of a Scottish town at night’ is daring to be caught
People are terrified of clowns as they can't see facial expressions, experts …

A person, dressed in a terrifying Pennywise-style clown costume, continues to taunt Scottish residents – and has now dared authorities to catch them.

The person in question has been leaving red balloons around Skelmorlie in North Ayrshire and has been uploading videos to a Facebook account supposedly run by the Scottish clown.

In one of the clips addressed to the media, they said: "Well, well, well, I've made the news again.

"Should I smile for the cameras with my 'hideous' grin?"

"The police have been informed," they continued. "Do you think that I care? They'd have to catch me first anyway - and yes, that's a dare.

"They called me 'killer clown'. Why don't you leave the jokes to me. The only thing that's dying is your credibility."

The clown, inspired by Stephen King’s Pennywise the Dancing Clown, then shared a message to journalists.

"This clown doesn't want fame, glory or gold," they said. "He just wants to play in this so-called 'sleepy town'. So, come and join in and learn to fear the Skelmorlie clown."

According to the Facebook account, the clown jokes he attended "Clown School," and is from "Hell".

One person told a local news outlet, that "he needs to be stopped."

They continued: "Someone needs to have a word with him before the police get involved or he really terrifies someone. He could give someone a heart attack."

Another said: "One boy in the street along from us said he saw the clown from his bedroom window just before he went to bed - he didn’t sleep all night."

Indy100 reached out to Police Scotland for comment.

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