CNN anchor Erin Burnett slammed Lindsey Graham and called him “the sycophant-in-chief” to Donald Trump after the senator criticised President-elect Joe Biden for not opposing the impeachment of the outgoing president.

She also hit out at the president and his allies for having “pushed baseless lies saying that the election was a fraud”.

In a message for Biden on Fox News, Graham said: “You talk about unifying the country. If you do not stand up against the impeachment of President Trump after he leaves office, you are an incredibly weak figure in American history.

“President Trump is trying to heal the nation. Pursuing impeachment after he leaves the office will further divide the country.”

Burnett first responded by questioning his claims about Trump’s intentions.

Afterwards, she said: “If you want to talk about weak, Senator Graham might want to look in the mirror, because the definition of a weak figure in American history is this.”

CNN then played clips of the Republican representative from South Carolina critising Trump’s candidacy for president in 2015 and 2016.

Graham’s previous comments included that Trump would be “absolute utter disaster for the Republican party” and that his campaign was “opportunistic, race-baiting, religious bigotry, xenophobia”.

Burnett went on to outline examples of when the senator “tried to maintain his credibility by pretending to take a stand”.

CNN highlighted Graham being critical of Trump blaming “both sides” at Charlottesville before going on to tweet about playing golf with the president, defending the Senate’s refusal to hold hearings for the Supreme Court vacancy before the 2016 election but supporting filling the post ahead of the 2020 election and telling lawmakers “enough is enough” after a violent mob stormed the Capitol and then flying with Trump on Air Force One less than a week later.

Viewers reacted to the segment on social media.

President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration will take place on Wednesday.

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