CNN reporter breaks down into tears on live TV discussing the pandemic in ‘heartwrenching’ clip

A CNN correspondent started crying during a live broadcast while discussing the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Black and Latino communities in the US.

Sara Sidner had been reporting on a family from Los Angeles that was forced to hold a funeral in a parking lot, and later implored viewers to “do your part”.

The current death toll from Covid-19 in California has passed 31,100, with cases at more than 2.8 million.

Breaking down in tears, Sidner said: “This is the 10th hospital that I have been in.”

The CNN presenter, who struggled to continue speaking and repeatedly apologised, added: “And to see the way that these families have to live after this and the heartache that goes so far and so wide. It’s really hard to take.”

After being reassured by anchor Alisyn Camerota, Sidner said: “These families should not be going through this. No family should be going through this.

“So please listen to what this family is saying. Don’t let this be you.

“Do whatever you can to keep this from killing your family members, and your neighbors, and your friends, and your teachers, and doctors, and firefighters.

“All of these people are here to help you, but you have to do your part.”

In her report, Sidner had interviewed Juliana Jimenez Sesma, who lost her mother and stepfather to Covid-19 within 11 days.

Although the CNN correspondent later said the clip was “not my proudest moment as a reporter”, the video went viral on social media after audiences praised her compassionate coverage.

After the broadcast, Sidner tweeted she was “still not okay” after what she had witnessed.

There have been more than 380,000 deaths from coronavirus across the US.

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