These 20 companies are still doing business in Russia six months into Ukraine war

These 20 companies are still doing business in Russia six months into Ukraine war
Ukrainian Leaders Fear Russian Action Marking 6 Months Of Invasion

As of today, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been ongoing for six months and Ukraine also marks its independence day.

While many businesses have shown their support for Ukraine via their pursestrings - pulling out of Russia to choke the country's finances - some have remained in there despite the war, and have attracted criticism for doing so.

Indeed, a list of these businesses has been compiled by a professor with the Yale School of Management, to put pressure on them to change their business relationship with the country.

There are hundreds of companies still listed as at least partially operating in the country, but we have picked out 20 of the biggest names.

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1. Match Group

The dating app company which includes Tinder is still operating in Russia.

2. Hard Rock Cafe

As is Hard Rock Cafe.

3. Quicksilver

The brand has online sales which are still running in the country, according to Yale researchers.

4. TGI Friday's

The restaurant chain is still operating in Russia.

In a statement released in March, the company said: "As the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues, TGI Fridays stands with the people of Ukraine. As a brand that’s rooted in bringing people of all backgrounds together, we remain hopeful that a peaceful solution can be found to this unprovoked aggression against the people of Ukraine. The decision of whether the TGI Fridays restaurants in Russia, which are owned by independent franchisees, stay open can only be made by local franchisees. We have made the decision to donate any proceeds that we receive as part of our franchisee fees to Mercy Chefs which is providing food and water to both refugees fleeing Ukraine and those suffering inside the country."

5. Tom Ford

The fashion company still operates in Russia.

6. Tupperware

The plastics brand is actively hiring in Russia.

7. Domino's

While the pizza restaurant has suspended royalty payments and limited investment, its restaurants remain open in the country.

8. Antal

Antal is one of two British companies to have fully continued operating in Russia.

9. Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles is the other UK brand doing business as usual.

10. Asics

The Japanese sportswear brand is still operating in Russia.

11. Calzedonia

The Italian fashion brand is still conducting business as usual.

12. Diesel

The Italian fashion brand is still operating in Russia. They no longer operate with ecommerce or have official business with the country. But there is a distribution network through third party resellers which the brand said they could not control.

13. Emirates

The UAE airline is still flying to Russia.

14. Fujifilm

The Japanese tech company is still operating.

15. Giorgio Armani

The Italian fashion brand is still operating in Russia as usual.

16. Lacoste

The French clothing company is still conducting business in Russia as usual. A spokesperson for the brand said: "Like other locally based brands, a partner operates for Lacoste in Ukraine, as it does in Russia.

"From the start of the war, Lacoste worked closely with its partner on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the 115 employees operating in Ukraine.

"Lacoste stopped all shipments to Russia."

17. Mitsubishi

The Japanese motoring firm is still operating in Russia.

18. Bic

The French company is still operating in Russia.

19. Philips

The Dutch company is still conducting business in Russia.

20. Yamaha

The Japanese company is still operating in Russia.

indy100 has contacted the companies listed to comment on this story.

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