In response to Donald Trump signing a full pardon for former media mogul Conrad Back, people have been sharing an old clip of him being roasted on Have I Got News For You, and it's a must-see.

Taking to Twitter, self-described Corbyn supporter and campaigner @Socialist_Chris shared the 2012 clip and wrote:

Here's Conrad Black on HIGNFY many years ago being exposed for the criminal and charlatan that he truly is.

The idea that he may take up his seat in the House of Lords again after being pardoned by Donald Trump is truly nauseating

Opening the segment, host Alexander Armstrong asks:

Also this week, what has David Cameron been saying about criminals... Conrad?

In response, Black quips:

Does this require the truth, Alexander?

Ian Hislop then chimes in:

I know you're not used to giving that, Conrad!

Black responds:

I'm not used to hearing it, certainly.

And then, Hislop says:

What about from the jury?

He then continues:

They found you guilty didn't they Conrad, the jury.

And then, when Black attempts to give sections of the verdict, he quips:

Stop reciting the verdict as if it was true! 

All I'm saying is that you were found guilty, of two counts, which stood, you went to jail, you've come back, you would like to be rehabilitated if that's the correct word. 

In one final response, Hislop doesn't hold back:

You've come here to say you're innocent, which is sweet but not true.

In 2007, Black, 74, was found guilty of fraud and obstructing the cause of justice, and was consequently jailed for three years in the US. The Canadian-born British peer used to run a media empire including the Telegraph, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Jerusalem Post.

Last year, Black published the book Donald J Trump: A President Like No Other. Announcing the pardon, the White House said:

Lord Black's case has attracted broad support from many high-profile individuals who have vigorously vouched for his exceptional character.

It also added that Black is:

entirely deserving of this Grant of Executive Clemency.


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