A New York Times conservative columnist appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher to criticise Donald Trump following the shooting at Santa Fe High School.

Bari Weiss discussed the shooting, which left 10 dead and at least 10 wounded. Weiss said:

Well the NRA has Donald Trump grabbed by the p***y, okay? It's appalling. The fact that we are not trying to do everything possible to try and stop these shootings is disgusting. You have to be 25 years old to rent a car. Why don't you have to be 25 years old to buy a gun? 

The parkland parents recently put out a press release that said let's stop naming the names of school shooters because all they want is that notoriety. Let's try that. 

Why don't we hold people criminally liable? 

President Trump has been met with intense criticism after he made a public statement condemning the attack.

He said:

My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools, and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others.

This appears in contradiction to his recent actions towards the National Rifle Association. He spoke at the NRA just weeks before the shooting, reassuring gun owners that they "have an administration fighting to protect your second amendment and we will protect your second amendment”.

H/T Mediaite

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