Conspiracy theorist believes Google is trying to reveal a mystery hidden in Antarctica

YouTube/Conspiracy Depot

Here at indy100, we can't get enough of conspiracy theories.

Whether it is Flat Earthers, an end of the world prophecy, or the idea that Stephen Hawking was replaced by a doppelgänger decades ago, the bizarre theories that the internet dreams never cease to amaze us.

Now, a conspiracy theorist who runs the YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot, believes that a rogue employee at Google is trying to show us a secret using Google Earth.

In a short video, they show footage of Google Earth from Thursday, 8 March. When the user hovers over Antarctica, we see a huge red cross pointing to a random location in the middle of Antarctica.

The cross only appears when a user enables the weather feature on Google Earth, a feature which isn't available on the online version of the tool, making it harder for others to check the legitimacy of this claim.

The video does suggest that it could be just a glitch on Google Earth, but also poses the theory that someone at Google is trying to point something out to us.

What could it be? The location of buried treasure? The site of a UFO landing? An entry to the hollow earth? Who knows – and it's doubtful we'll ever find out.

However, one comment on the video suggests a idea which would seem logical enough. Andrew Woodhead writes:

I'm guessing it's a marker for an issue in the software that needs addressing and has gone out to the live environment. 

Like a comment in the code saying 'fix this bit'. Completely plausible and logical.

This isn't the first time that Google Earth has been caught up in a conspiracy theory. Earlier this year a theorist shared footage from Google Earth that appeared to show a top-secret spy plane at a US military base.

Furthermore, there are several locations on Google Earth which are obscured from the public view. Very mysterious indeed.


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