The conference centre hosting Cop26 is printing the carbon footprint estimates of food it serves on its menus.

Darren McCaffrey, political editor at GB News, shared the menu of Scottish Event Campus (SEC)’s Clydebuilt Bar & Kitchen, showing the differing environmental impact each meal has.

The biggest emitter is the beef burger which emits 3.9kg Co2e, meaning it produces 3.9kg of carbon dioxide for every kg of beef made, the menu says, while the second biggest offender is a mozzarella pizza, which emits 2.1kg Co2e. Meanwhile, a beetroot and broccoli salad will only emit 0.2 kg Co2e and kale and vegetable pasta will be responsible for 0.3kg Co2e.

Aside from the menu initiative, the Guardian reports that hot drinks will be served in reusable cups and caterers are using sustainable suppliers – 80 per cent of which are from Scotland – to reduce the conference’s environmental impact.

The Cop26 president-designate, Alok Sharma, said the choice of food served was important.

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He said: “It is exciting to see such innovation in the menus that will be on offer and to understand the thought and effort that has gone into making dishes both healthy, sustainable and suitable for different diets and requirements.”

Meanwhile SEC food business director Kevin Watson said they hoped their initiative will “protect our planet.”

“We hope our sustainable food strategy will shape menus of the future as we all work to protect our planet,” she said.

“As well as providing great tasting and nutritious food, our menus are focused on local and seasonal sourcing, with a plant-forward approach.

“We have been delighted to showcase and work with so many local Scottish suppliers and our teams are looking forward to supporting the event.”

Indy100 has contacted SEC to comment further on this story.

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