Jeremy Corbyn’s days as Labour leader might be numbered, but that doesn’t mean there’s not time for one final controversy before he hands over the baton to someone else.

People are not impressed with Corbyn’s dissolution honours list, which reportedly features a series of senior Labour figures and former House of Commons speaker John Bercow. Sources in the Labour party did not deny the claim and have so far declined to comment on the Sunday Times report.

Bercow who will likely sit as a cross-bench peer was the first speaker not to be elevated to the Lords upon retirement for 230 years.

But it’s not just his appointment that’s annoyed people.

Other nominations include former deputy leader Tom Watson and Karie Murphy, the director of his Leader’s office.

Why are people angry?

Corbyn has been accused of hypocrisy for nominating his allies for these roles, particularly seeing as he was highly critical of David Cameron and Theresa May for doing similar things when they left post.

He’s always talking about his dislike for the “establishment”, and his ally Rebecca Long-Bailey wants to scrap the Lords altogether, so why add to the unelected chamber?

On social media, many people – even Corbyn supporters – weren’t happy.

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