Stanley Johnson accidentally emailed the BBC about a coronavirus meeting and everyone said the same thing

Boris Johnson's father Stanley has landed himself in a spot of bother after meeting with the Chinese ambassador over the coronavirus outbreak, then accidentally emailing the details to the BBC.

The email that has reportedly been seen by the BBC was sent to UK officials expressing concern from the Chinese that they had not spoken directly to the prime minister.

The older Johnson wrote after his 90-minute meeting with Liu Xiaoming on Tuesday:

Re the outbreak of coronavirus, Mr Liu obviously was concerned that there had not yet - so he asserted - been direct contact between the PM and Chinese head of state or government in terms of a personal message or telephone call.

According to the Evening Standard, Lord Goldsmith replied to the email, stating that it had been helpful.

Xiaoming had expressed his thanks to Johnson for meeting with him and sharing an equal concern for the coronavirus outbreak. No word yet on how he feels about personal details of the meeting being accidentally leaked to the press.

Although this story is clearly very serious, the farcical nature of what has happened has only inspired people to make jokes at Johnson's expense and ask the question 'who actually voted for Stanley Johnson?'

HT Evening Standard

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