A former UKIP member and Brexit Party candidate has appeared to have deleted his Twitter account after claiming that pubs and restaurants should stay open because people 'don't care about Covid-19.'

Paul Bullen, who used to be the UKIP leader on Cambridgeshire County Council and ran as a parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party during the December general election.

In a tweet reportedly posted by Bullen on Sunday evening, he is said to have written:

Isn’t it about time we stopped this nonsense. The majority don’t care about Covid-19, don’t care if they catch it and know that it won’t have any adverse effects. Do we really want to kill our economy? Let’s get back to work, open our pubs and restaurants and get back to normal.

Bullen was reportedly challenged by Cambs Timesjournalist John Elworthy about this statement but received a reply telling him that he was "another journalist with nothing to say" before adding:

Do you know what Covid19, how it originated where it came from and why it is co contagious that we can’t stop it. And why am I wrong in what I say.

Screenshots of Bullen's tweet have now been shared widely on Twitter, as the politician now appears to have deleted his account entirely.

Bullen's account is now no longer on Twitter.

Picture:Picture: Twitter

On Monday evening, Boris Johnson introduced strict lockdown regulations which would prevent people from gathering in public places and restricted people to limited trips outside of their homes.

The coronavirus outbreak has already claimed more than 300 lives in the UK and has reportedly infected more than 3,000 people.

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