A heartbreaking video has emerged of a woman in her 30s describing her symptoms while hospitalised with COVID-19.

The video was posted on Facebook by Nicole Keatley, whose sister Tara Jane Langston allegedly tested positive for the virus.

Keatley shared the video to raise awareness, saying that:

Just because the news is highlighting the elderly and people with [underlying] health issues as being high risk that doesn’t mean if/when you catch this your body will be able to handle/fight it easily.

Tara's had BIG issues breathing and with the help of the hospital and NHS she’s back talking and can share her experience. 

It has subsequently been widely shared, with many using it to point out that people must take the risk of infection seriously.

In the video, Tara, who struggles to speak, explains that she is in the intensive care unit and can't breathe without assistance, she has a cannula in each hand and a catheter. She says she's "ten times better" than she felt before.

Please none of you take any chances. I mean it. Because if it gets really bad, then you're gonna end up here.

As people have been resharing the video, Tara has been posting their shares to her Facebook page, presumably in an effort to share her message.

It comes as the government has warned all citizens to avoid unnecessary social contact, yet many still seem to believe that the disease will only affect older people. While it's true that the risk of complications is much lower for those aged under-70 with no underlying conditions, that doesn't mean the rest of us should be flippant about its potential impact, and this video drives that point home.

We would echo Tara's request for everyone to stay safe, and wish her a speedy recovery.

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