People are spooked after 5,000 respirator masks were found in a crypt underneath a cathedral

People are spooked after 5,000 respirator masks were found in a crypt underneath a cathedral

Masks might not have been the must-have item on every fashionista's list but they have quickly become an essential for many people when it comes to trips outdoors, in an attempt to protect us from coronavirus and to prevent its spread.

That being said, they have become quite hard to come by as everyone has tried to grab whatever they could to cover their face. It's now become so bad that care workers and first responders around the world do not have access to the masks, leading companies to donate supplies to those who need it the most.

This is all well and good but the last thing we expected to be writing about in mask-related news, was a crypt underneath a cathedral in Washington DC, being full of respirator masks.

A crypt in the foundations of the Washington National Cathedral, which belongs to the Episcopal Church, was discovered to have at least 5,000 N95 respirator masks, which had been placed there more than a decade ago, during the bird flu outbreak.

Thankfully, they were still in good condition and considering the shortage of masks at the moment they have been removed and distributed to the Children's National Hospital and Georgetown University Hospital.

However, the excavation of the masks from underneath a chuch has people, who were not aware of the entire story, a little freaked out and thinking that this could actually be a plot from a Nicolas Cage movie.

The story doesn't end there either. Despite housing all of those masks, the crypt is also notable for being the burial place of a few famous faces including former president Woodrow Wilson and author Helen Keller. Martin Luther King Jr also spoke at the cathedral (although he isn't buried there). This place truly has it all going on.

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